Saturday Daffy live here


On Sunday she will run a couple of bubble workshops please follow this link and message daffy to book a slot for the Sunday


Guess who it is

Sandra has sent some kids colouring posters download here

Kids scavenger hunt. 2 parts first part just some random things and second part some cryptic clues for other stuff. Find them all in your house. Once you have them all take a photo of them all and email it to ian@volksfling.co.uk 1st one to do this I will send £10



Download here


1. VW beetle

2. paperclip

3. piece of fruit

4. sunglasses

5. red crayon

6. piece of lego

7. photograph

8. dice

9. favourite toy

10. paper plane

1. salt & pepper

12. keys

13. measuring tape

14. something with teeth

15. queens crown

16. I may have eyes, but I really can't see.  

     People love to make fries out of me.

17. I' m never wicked, but I do have a wick.  

     I come i n all sizes, from skinny to thick

18. I hold all the words you need to know .  

     Use me to make your vocabulary grow.

19. The more I dry, the wetter I get.   

      A little one can be used for soaking up sweat.

20.  I have hands but no arms and also a face.  

      And my hands al ways move at the same steady pace.