Been busy in lockdown.  New top and liner to fix a broken bow.  New paint, authentic Poppy Red which is the colour I would have chosen in 1970 if I was first owner.   I kept the engine Candy as it hasn't faded,  it is a bit of the car's history and looks pretty good with the Poppy.  New carpets, hand cut by me on the garage floor and a wee nod to John Forbes with a key logo printed on the mats.  Some new chrome bits, a new badge and a good wash and polish.  What's left to do well the seats need restuffed and I am going to try to take some dings out of the chrome strips.  I know it would be easier to replace but I want to keep as much of the original car as I can.


Car is a bit less bling than when John Forbes had it but the paint is even and the top keeps the rain out.  It is still red and chrome, shiny and noisy.  Now for another 20 years of fun.