Here's our long suffering old timer, 'Popeye'. 1968 1500 from Colorado.

Has attended Volksfling a couple of times & will again once all the necessary work has been done to return it to the roads.

Diligent historical servicing shows that it has travelled from Colorado to New York & back. Then heading back to New York via Miami in 1969 before crossing the Atlantic to London then taking in a European vacation to Switzerland & back to London where it hippied out before coming to live in Scotland. A few years off the road, it was then given a new lease of life by Davie Jardine & Kenny Waters at (the then) Solway Beetles & Campers. Popeye came to us in 2009 & ceremoniously gave our new born daughter her very first car journey home from hospital in 2011, a couple of years later suffering a terrible total loss accident after spinning off a roundabout that had been laced with diesel by some local wannabe 'drifters'. Has been in dry storage ever since. Popeye will return one day. Hopefully to be driven by it's natural future owner, our daughter, wee Rowan.


Hope you liked the story!